Take Your Fitness — And Your Life — To A Whole NEW Level.

Many people don’t believe they can change.

The truth is, every second inside your body cells are dying and being instantly reproduced.  Your body is always changing.  So, the question is:  What are you doing today to create what you will become tomorrow?

Most people fail because they don’t have an effective plan.

You need a strategy that works.  Are you focusing on the problem, or are you focusing on the solution?  You get great results when you engage yourself toward a solution.

Fitness program . . . or life change?

K180™ offers a multitude of programs tailored for your specific goals.  The weight loss program is designed to add muscle and lose fat at the same time.  Just 6-8 weeks can cut 25-30 pounds off of a woman and 30-35 pounds off of a man, cutting 9-11% body fat in the process as well.  In addition to weight loss, there is also an extensive sports performance program, offering training for basketball, soccer, baseball, football, wrestling, and even marathon training.  There are programs for all ages, whether parents need education on preventing obesity in their children or rolling the years back for senior citizens who never focused on preventative wellness.  At the foundation of every program is good resistance training and good nutrition.  Each program is built for the specific goals of the client.

The power of accountability.

With nationally certified trainers and wellness coaches that go through weekly continuing education and training, K180™ Fitness is the only wellness program out there that can offer you the high level of accountability along with the true passion and heart to change lives.  We take your journey to fitness personally, and we are committed to you reaching and maintaining your fullest potential and best quality of life possible.

O U R   P R O G R A M S

Weight Loss:


As our most popular program with over 10,000 proven results, the weight loss program is designed to add muscle and lose fat at the same time.  A 6 to 8-week program can cut 25-30 pounds off of women and 30-35 pounds off of men.


Sports Specific:


Just as every person is different, so is each sport. We target specific exercise goals and muscle groups depending on your particular sport. Whether that means boosting endurance, building muscle, or increasing agility, we have it covered.

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Marathon/Triathlon/5K
  • Golf
  • Tennis

K180 D:


Type 2 diabetes is a national epidemic.  Through our K180-D™ program, we combine the science of the glycemic index with proper exercise selection and intensity to unleash your fittest and fullest potential.  Hundreds of clients have come off medications and changed their lives through our proven program.


Children’s Health:

kids_100pxChildren’s obesity is a growing concern in America … and it doesn’t have to be.  Through a combination of training and proper diet, we can get kids on track for a healthier, more fulfilling, and happier life.  The program encourages kids to participate in nutritional planning and exercise selection.  The goal is to show our children how fun an active, healthy lifestyle can be.

Buddy-Up Program:

buddies_100pxSome people like to train on their own; others like to partner up with a friend to ensure mutual accountability and motivation.  We customize a range of buddy programs depending on your specific goals and current levels of fitness.


Family Fitness:

family_100pxWe offer clearly defined fitness and wellness plans for every member of the family, young or old. Family provides a natural support network in which each individual member is working toward a common goal: to reach his or her own fitness potential.  Let us help your family set and attain fitness goals!

Corporate Training:


National studies have proven that employees and employers both benefit from employee wellness programs.  Employees have higher overall morale, take less time off of work, and their productivity improves.  Employers also benefit from reduced insurance costs and other financial savings.  We will tailor a program for your company, large or small, by offering:

  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Motivational & Educational Seminars
  • Employee Incentive Programs (i.e. Lunch and Learn)
  • On-site Boot Camps



On the one day everyone will remember, the bride should look unforgettable.  The pictures and images captured that day will last a lifetime.  As a bride, you only get one chance to look your best on this special day—our fitness experts will make sure you do.  Hundreds of brides have lost 2 to 3 sizes in just 6 to 8 weeks before their big day.

Competitive Fitness:

competition_100pxSome people work out to stay healthy and fit; others want to attain a new level of competitive fitness that goes beyond the ordinary.  Whether it’s for competition or simply to build more muscle, K180™ Fitness will tailor a plan for you to get the competitive results you want.


On-Site Boot Camps:

bootcamp_100pxBoot Camps are a great way for individuals at varying levels of fitness to get a boost of motivation by becoming part of a larger group.  It’s fun, it’s functional, and it’s fast.  Best of all, it’s ideal for co-workers and employees who want to reach their fitness potential.  Ask about special, on-site boot camps tailored to your group, at your own location.