Unparalleled Fitness Demands an Unparalleled Facility

K180™ Fitness is more than just a personal training and fitness regimen. It’s an all-encompassing wellness program that targets your whole life and teaches you new, healthy ways of living to unlock the door to optimum fitness. Such a radical approach to fitness demands a facility that embraces and facilitates that vision. Our state-of-the-art fitness facility is custom tailored to busy, working executives and provides an holistic approach to wellness that’s specific to your unique lifestyle. From the knowledgeable, attentive staff to the ergonomically designed workout stations to the private lockers and showers…no detail has been overlooked. Quite simply, there is no other facility like it—which is also, by design.

A fitness experience like no other.

Let’s face it, most gyms are nothing more than a nightclub with a different dress code. People meander through the maze of equipment with little to no support. The end result…well…there is no results. It is rare to see any great physical change occur in these places.

Every inch of our facility is designed to motivate, educate, and inspire you to achieve your all-time physical best. From the temperature of the workout floor to the type of gym equipment to the volume of the music, everything supports the optimal training environment. No sweaty, broken equipment or people looking for a date here. You feel right at home when you enter through the gym doors.