The Art of Staying Uncomfortable & Hungry

My friends, do you want the secret to success? Stay uncomfortable, stay HUNGRY! By definition, these two words are the exact opposite of what most people crave and work towards in their lives. Our natural tendency is to reach a point of homeostasis, a point of balance and of easiness. We work towards this goal our entire lives. To me, this is ludicrous and sad.

I have spent my whole life staying uncomfortable..hungry. When I was young, it was out of necessity. I remember vividly riding my bike, with flashlights taped to the handlebars, home after a hard days work at the local magistrate’s horse farm. Why was I riding my bike home? Why was I 10 yrs old at the time working 35 hrs a week? Because I wanted nice things, things my parents couldn’t afford to provide. Why was I riding my bike? Because in this world nothing is free and Dad charged me $2.00 to take me to work and back. He taught me that lesson real quick.

I got my first job at 10 yrs old shoveling horse manure and saw dusting stalls. Wasn’t glamourous, but it was honest and paid well. At 12 yrs old, I was working 40 hrs a week for a local farmer, brush-hogging fields and such. By the way, I was also attending school full-time. The pattern continues throughout my life. End result? I know what it is like to take the road less traveled..the road full of sacrifices and at times bitterness. But it is also the road to maturity, unparalled success, opportunity, and fulfillment.

I have built a career and a business on the foundational principle that keeping the body “uncomfortable” yields amazing results. You have to confuse the body, to shock it, to make it “hunger” for something else.

Whenever I reach a point in my life where things seem pretty good, I know I risk the danger of capping my life off right there. I risk becoming complacent…in my business, in my marriage, in my relationships, in my life. Remember, my friends, “Good” is the direct assassin of “Great.”

The way I look at it is that we only get one go around. Why not make the best of it? Why not discover your purpose and live out your destiny? Make an impact! Make a difference! Leave your footprint. ”Every man dies, but not every man truly lives.” People tell me all the time that I have lived a full life already…that at 30 yrs old I have accomplished a lot, failed a lot and consequently succeeded a lot. I smile and shake my head and answer back “Just wait!”

Is your life full? What is your impact? Do look at every morning as an unprecedented opportunity with limitless options? Why not? What sets you apart from every body else in this world? How are you unique? Answer that and you just found your purpose! What do you love to do and would do for free?
Now, what are you going to do with it?

As for me, I will continue to push the envelope. I will struggle, persist, strive, achieve, fall, get back up, and continue all in the name of PROGRESS!

I will stay hungry and uncomfortable… Will you join me?

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