Knowledge is “Potential” Power

My friends, all of us have heard the saying ” Knowledge is Power!”….but after studying people, heck, studying myself, I have learned this is NOT true!

Let me explain. We all know someone, maybe intimately(you reading this now, lol), who knows that they need to change their life. This person desires change, knows how to do it, but…nothing ever happens. They gather all the information possible, they consult resources and experts, piling up documentation and supporting evidence…but they miss one crucial step. ACTION!!!

Most people life a live below what they deserve because they never take action. They plan and compile information, they gather knowledge…but they never take that first step. Or, if they do, they do it hesitantly, like dipping their toe in the pool to see if its too cold. They leave the room, the option, to pull back if the action is too risky, too uncomfortable…if there is room for failure.

They get caught up in the mindset “What if I fail?”…not realizing that failure never happens UNLESS you stop trying. Let me tell you one way I can guarantee you failure…by never getting started!

In wellness and fitness, I have counseled thousands of people from every walk of life, every age, and socioeconomic status. When we sit down, my biggest job is not really “giving” them the answers. My job is to help the client investigate the “why” of their current physical state. Why are they living a quality of life less than they deserve? Why can they not keep the weight off? Why do they constantly sell themselves short? Why do they listen to information that is not relevant or pertinent to their physical well being?

Yes, I am the “why guy”. Because it is only when my cleint understands the “why” of the current physical situation(obesity, diabetes, joint problems, etc), can a realistic and attainable NEW outcome and direction be set and then achieved.

Folks, just understand that “knowing” is not enough. All that potential energy, that potential knowledge is stored between your ears, but your life will not change, your situation will not change until you manifest that knowledge into real and decisive ACTION.

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