Is Your Best Truly Your Best?

In my line of work, I consistently come across people who say they want to lose, let’s say, 60 pounds. They’ve got the motivation; they just need the guidance, direction, and support. They start out great, and lose 30 pounds in 8 weeks. At this point, I am pumped for them, and see that they are really making progress, and we are half of the way to the goal we have set for them. However, it always seems that right around this time, some kind of apathy and disconnect set in. They are really happy with the 30 pounds they have lost, but don’t want to go that last stretch to the final goal. Or, they start self-destructive behaviors, which lead them away from their original goals. At this point, they believe what they perceive to be their “best” as their limit because they never thought they would be able to lose that first 30 pounds. But, I know that this is not truly their best. I know that this is the crucial moment that we need to really kick them into high gear and get them across the threshold to their final goal. I know that this is the time when I need to be the coach, the one who tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear!

I had a classic case where I had this guy come to me, and it was apparent that he needed to lose over 150 pounds. However, he thought that if he could just lose 40-60 lbs, that he would be happy. To him, losing that weight could just make it easier for him to get up off the couch without assistance, play with his kids, and move around more freely. Just those little things would dramatically change his quality of life, but I could see that he could do so much more. If you need to lose well over 100 pounds, is losing 60 really where you want to stop? Is that truly the best you can do, or are you afraid to hope for more?

It’s my job to help you realize that the first bit of weight is just a stepping off point. I will test your limits and push you to truly explore what your potential is. Forget the fact that you’ve lost 40 pounds and are now a smaller size. Focus on the losing that last 20, and go run a 5k or half marathon. Set new challenges for yourself. Let’s keep you growing and hungry for success in your life. Together, let’s do the things that are so far beyond what you ever thought you could be. Is your best truly your best right now? And if not, why in the world are you settling for anything less?

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