K180 Fitness:
Get ready...your life is about
to change.

A Revolutionary Approach...

If you think all fitness programs are basically the same, think again. Sure, a number of gyms push garden-variety fitness...trendy classes...designer looking equipment...even so-called "expert" personal training. But no other gym, no other program, and no other trainer, anywhere, offers such a comprehensive and revolutionary approach to total fitness as K180™ Fitness. Founded by certified personal trainer and wellness guru, Shawn Kephart, K180™ Fitness will not only change the way you look and feel, it will change your life. If you're ready to take your fitness to a higher level and reach your full potential, then you're ready for K180™ Fitness.

High-Level Accountability.

With nationally certified trainers and wellness coaches that go through weekly continuing education and training, K180™ Fitness is the only wellness program out there that can offer you the high level of accountability along with the true passion and heart to change lives. We take your journey to fitness personally, and we are committed to you reaching and maintaining your fullest potential and best quality of life possible.

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